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Lorenaamendez Hello, my name is Lorena.

The purpose of my end-of-degree project was to determine how subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH) is developed in multilingual contexts. My study was divided into two parts. Firstly, a compilation of the current studies and regulations was presented, as well as an exposition of the current situation of the SDH in multilingual contexts both in Europe and in Spain. In addition, some strategies proposed by the experts were presented and exemplified. Secondly, the short film Vale was chosen as a case study since it contains diverse difficulties that the SDH poses in multilingual contexts. A SDH proposal of Vale was developed and presented, as well as its challenges analyzed on the basis of the strategies adopted.

I had just finished my degree but I would love to learn from you and contribute if I can. Thank you and congratulations for the project.
5/19/2018 12:38:35 AM
LorenaHurtado-Malillos Hello, my name is Lorena. First of all, just as Irene did, I would like to congratulate you for the project.

I am doing my thesis in the PhD program UVa-UA Traductología, traducción profesional y audiovisual. My research topic is multilingual films in AVT. I particularly focus on those cases in which L1 and L3 are present in the same scene and I study their diverse translation solutions. As well, I am also interested in accessible translation and the treatment of multilingualism in SDH.

The tables of operations for L1 and L3 segments proposed in Corrius and Zabalbeascoa (2011) are being of great help for my analysis and I would like to apply them to my study. This platform could be a good medium to keep in touch and discuss some doubts.
Thanks and regards.
10/18/2017 6:49:15 PM
AnnaGallardo Hello, I'm Anna and I'm doing a dissertation on multilingualism in audiovisual translation. I have studied the TV series Orange is the new Black and I would like to upload some of the conversations that I selected in my research.
5/30/2017 12:46:41 PM
Anastasia Hello, my name is Anastasia and my project deals with the use of audiovisual translation to foster communicative competence in a foreign language. I'm creating a corpus of material to use in the FL classroom and some of the movies I found witness multilingualism, which can be a challenging feature of an AVT to translate, especially for students.
1/18/2017 2:28:41 PM
Stavroula Sokoli Hi Anastasia, your project is really interesting, let us know more details!
1/18/2017 2:50:59 PM
PatrickZabalbeascoa TraFilm Guide is now ready!
12/21/2016 5:18:40 PM
MPLH Hello, my name is María, dealing mainly with the reproduction of intersectional stereotypes (race & gender) in audiovisual products. The way multilingualism is represented, also if it's even present or not, constitutes a pivotal point (and challenge) in my research. Thank you for your research and congrats to the heads!!!
12/12/2016 11:53:51 AM
Stavroula Sokoli Thank you Maria! It would be interesting to see how you deal with the absence of multilingualism.
1/18/2017 2:52:04 PM
IlariaParini Hello, my name is Ilaria Parini and my research mainly revolves around the representation of Italian Americans in audiovisual products
11/29/2016 11:45:18 PM
Stavroula Sokoli Hi Ilaria, thank you for joining us!
1/18/2017 2:52:30 PM
IreneRanzato Hello, my name is Irene Ranzato, congratulations for a great database and a very user-friendly website. I work mainly with the dialects and accents of English in audiovisuals, another kind of multilingualism in a way. I will try to find ways to contribute. Thank you for counting me in.
10/26/2016 9:50:15 PM
Stavroula Sokoli Great news Irene! Dialects and accents are also accounted for in Trafilm. Welcome!
11/1/2016 5:31:14 PM
Stavroula Sokoli Dear colleagues, Thank you for your interest in the Trafilm project. Send us a message in this group, introducing yourself and your research interest and become an associate member of Trafilm.
9/27/2016 1:09:12 PM